Greta Van Susteren Hit By Left And Right For Jumping From Fox To MSNBC Where She “Thinks” She Can Book Donald Trump


“I’ve got to ask you if your Fox fans are mad at you for coming to MSNBC,” Rachel Maddow asked Greta Van Susteren, hours after MSNBC announced hiring the former Fox News Channel star to host a 6 PM show starting Monday.

“Do they feel like you’re crossing enemy lines?” Maddow asked, cutting to the chase.

“I’m getting hit from the right and left,” Van Susteren acknowledged. “But that happens. You know it, too, being in the business.  People get mad at you every single night.”

“I just want them to give me a chance.  If they don’t like me, fine, but at least give me a chance,” pitched Van Susteren, who had hosted at CNN before moving to FNC. “I think the MSNBC audience is going to like me.  I hope the Fox audience comes over here.  I’m interested in the facts and wherever the facts lead me,” she said, calling these “very, very serious times.”

Would Van Susteren be able to book POTUS-elect Donald Trump, now that she’s on MSNBC, Maddow wondered, showing MSNBC’s cards in making the hire. Maddow noted Van Susteren had been “particularly good” at that at Fox.

“Let me ask you, honestly, do you feel like some of that was specific to the fact that you were at Fox, or do you think that those Republican connections that you made, the Republican guests you’ve been able to book, up to and including the president-elect, do you think they will still want to talk to you over here?”

“I think so,” Van Susteren said, bluntly. “I’m going to give them a fair shake.”

“You know, here’s sort of the odd thing.  As certain as I am of anything at all, Rachel, I’m not 100 percent certain.  So, I actually want to know what people have to say because maybe they’ll change my mind.  Maybe I’m wrong about something.”

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