Key & Peele Bring Farewell Address For Luther, Obama’s “Anger Translator” To ‘The Daily Show’

I’ll be honest: I really needed this. And, I suspect, so did a lot of you, especially after President Obama’s in real life final press conference a couple of weeks ago. Keegan-Michael Key appeared tonight on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah and gave fans something they’ve been tweeting about for the better part of two months: Luther, Obama’s anger translator.

Luther was of course one of the most popular characters from their Comedy Central series Key & Peele. And since Trump’s Electoral College victory making him President despite a historic popular vote loss, fans of the late lamented show have been begging for the duo to bring the character out of retirement. So it is that Key unveiled the video above at the end of his The Daily Show chat.

Unsurprisingly, it’s hilarious, appropriately angry, and essentially calls it like it is. Jordan Peele delivers his per-usual spot-on Obama impression, pledging a smooth transition and other cooperative gestures, while Luther straight up deals out the bad news – pretty much everything Obama accomplished is going to be gutted – and some rather pointed words for both Trump, and for the electorate that helped him become President. My favorite? After Peele’s Obama says that if Trump succeeds, “we all succeed,” Luther added the truther: “Unless he succeeds with all the sh*t he promised to succeed with — in that case, we’re f—ed!”

Good times, good times. Well, except for reality of course. What do you think? Fitting end to one of recent comedy’s most beloved characters? Cathartic? Or are you a Trump supporter and have some unkind words for it? Sound off in comments.

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