‘Undeniable’ Host Joe Buck Talks Up Pete Rose & Dennis Rodman At TCA

Joe Buck

Lightning rods Pete Rose and Dennis Rodman are among those interviewed by Undeniable with Joe Buck in its third season, debuting February 15 on AT&T Audience Network. Not surprisingly, Buck got asked about those interviews in particular when he and Fearless host Tim Ferriss came to TCA to talk about their Audience shows, along with exec producers Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley.

Undeniable with Joe Buck

Half of the audience at the taping did not know who Rose was, Buck told TV critics at TCA in Pasadena. But by the time the interview ended “they were enthralled by the guy and he had them eating out of his hand,” Buck reported, calling the former professional baseball player and manager “a very lovable guy and a very complex interview guest.”

“You’re talking about one of the greatest players in the history of the game and he’s banned from the game,” Buck said. He insists he does not think anyone who has experienced Rose in person “comes away saying, ‘I don’t like that guy.'”

Rodman, similarly, was “my most favorite interview,” Buck emoted, recalling how the Basketball Hall of Famer, and tabloid darling, wept several times during the interview, when the studio audience gave him a standing ovation or broke out in applause. “He was reluctant and then he was all in,” Buck said of the five-time NBA champion’s attitude during the interview, which will include¬†discussing his pal, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un. “Watching that transformation was awesome,” Buck emoted, calling himself a “fan of the human condition.”

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