Audience Network’s Polyromantic Series ‘You Me Her’ Gets Brave In Season 2 – TCA

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When it comes to the second season of Audience Network’s threesome romantic comedy series You Me Herthe honeymoon is over.

More specifically, after playing out the high jinks involved in a polyamorous relationship, and the whole “hiding” facet of it, creator John Scott Shepherd said at TCA today that Season 2 will deal with “what happens when they go home.”

In You Me Her, Jack (Greg Poehler) is a suburban husband who has a fling with escort Izzy (Priscilla Faia). But she also winds up becoming involved with Jack’s wife Emma (Rachel Blanchard).

Essentially, after researching everyday people with LGBT and polyamorous relationships, Shepherd decided that the series should deal with the reality of this trio coming out to their friends and family and dealing with the complexities that creates. In regards to the leading protags, Shepherd adds, “They needed to say this is our reality, which may not look like everyone’s happiness, but it had to be brave.

“They aren’t just sex people or those on the 74th floor penthouse with a modern get-up, but it’s something relatable,” adds the creator about the show that airs on AT&T and DirecTV’s network.

“The biggest challenge in these relationships is that someone always feels left out or that they don’t have their place,” says Shepherd. Next season, Poehler’s Jack lights a fuse that blows up in his face.

Nonetheless, as complicated as a polyromantic relationship can be, for a comedy series, there’s plenty of material.

Says Shepherd: “Romantic comedies are hard to do as features, because it’s hard to figure out the roadblocks. But they’re baked in here. For the life of the series, there are forces pulling them apart such as going to a more conventional lifestyle or there’s a friend or family. The magic moment is where the romance sparks; they’re better than when they’re apart.”

Season 2 of You Me Her premieres, appropriately, on Valentine’s Day.

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