Samsung Presents Elegant New TVs & Vows To Prevent Product Snafus – CES


Samsung kicked off its annual CES product presentation and sales pitch today by acknowledging the gorilla in the room: its exploding Note 7 phones.

The company is investigating what happened and will “make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Samsung America COO Tim Baxter says. It’s also “recommitting to our customers in 2017.”

That out of the way, the company hawked its TV and VR products as well as efforts to provide a single experience across the products, and easy-to-use program discovery options.

On the VR front, Samsung says it has sold more than 5 million Gear Powered by Oculus devices.

But the centerpiece of its entertainment products is its new QLED TV. The sets will ship in February.

They use quantum dot technology that’s designed to offer brighter and more accurate video images with a wider color spectrum than previous generations of LED sets provided.

“Content is displayed exactly as the creators intended,” EVP Joe Stinziano says. The new sets also are designed to reduce reflections and provide “consistent color and quality from any viewing angle.”

The company emphasized design elements including technology that will enable TV viewers to connect multiple devices to the set via a single wire and mount the sets so they are flush to the wall.

Samsung also talked up its app that turn smart phones into customized TV remotes.

“This is what we mean when we talk about a unified experience,” EVP WonJin Lee says.

The TV sets will enable viewers to browse different service options, such as Netflix and Hulu, from one screen. The software can tell sports fans what channel has the latest games featuring their favorite teams and provides real-time alerts for games when the TV is off.

For those who prefer to use technology to play games, Samsung introduced the Notebook Odyssey, which it calls a “groundbreaking gaming laptop … that rivals a desktop” computer. It comes with either 15-inch or 17-inch anti-glare screen, Intel Core 17 Processor and accessible memory for upgrades. The laptop has an improved vent to prevent it from overheating.

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