‘Rogue One’ Closes In On $800M WW; ‘Sing’ Rings In $105M At Intl Box Office


UPDATE, MONDAY: It was a Happy New Year’s weekend for Disney as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story lifted its cume to $774.9 million at the global box office through the three-day. Factoring in the domestic Monday estimate, that rises to $789.7M. At international turnstiles, Rogue made away with a further $45.8M during the three-day. That’s a 13% drop in like-for-like markets from last frame. Comparatively, last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens saw a roughly 28% drop in its third frame which did not include the distractions of New Year’s Eve. The overseas total on Rogue is $350M through Sunday. Holds were strong with increases in majors like Australia, France, the UK and Germany.

Disney, as did some other studios, took a holiday on reporting over the weekend. Today, the Mouse adds that Moana is passing $400M global after a $21.3M offshore weekend. Notably, in New Zealand, the Polynesian navigator sailed to the second-best opening ever for a Disney Animation or Pixar release. Lionsgate has also chimed in with word that La La Land has taken its early offshore cume to $27.8M with a starry $17.7M in Korea after four frames. Universal will not be updating international today. However, its Illumination Entertainment charmer, Sing, as expected has crossed the $100M mark offshore for a current cume of $105M. Sony’s Passengers, meanwhile, has lifted its offshore total to $60M through the second frame.

Turning back to Rogue One, Korea is the only new market to join the Rebellion this session. The $5.6M start there is about 61% of The Force Awakens. In Imax, it was the third-best December Korea debut of all time, behind only The Force Awakens and The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies. In overall Imax, the Rebel Alliance is approaching $80M worldwide. Offshore, the four-day weekend is estimated at $5.5M for a roughly $30M cume.

Imax has a big play coming with Rogue One when it opens in China on January 6. That will be next weekend’s major title to watch in the market where Force Awakens made $124M last year.

*Breakdowns have been updated below the original post on films as they reported today, including the addition of Disney and other titles not covered on Sunday. We are waiting still on India numbers for Aamir Khan’s Dangal (outside India the cume is currently $21.1M). Those and others will be updated tomorrow.

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY 11:38 AM PT: In light of the January 1st holiday, all studios will not be reporting weekend international box office today. However, much of what we are seeing across the session shows increases from last weekend which was affected by Christmas Eve and Day falling on Saturday and Sunday. Universal is among those providing an update, noting that Illumination’s Sing is bellowing past the $100M international mark tomorrow. That will bring the worldwide cume close to $300M with plenty of rollout left overseas.

Among the studios we’re waiting on tomorrow is Disney, whose Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is expected to be the squadron leader again in its third frame. The spinoff had grossed $687.7M worldwide through Thursday and with domestic estimates is already well past the $700M milestone this weekend with international not yet factored. Per Disney UK, it has become the biggest movie of 2016 in that market — which is currently the top ex-North America hub.

rogue one

In the UK, Rogue has made away with £50.7M ($62.6M). That takes it past Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (estimated £50.65M through December 31) to notch the No. 1 spot of the year after just 17 days in release.

In China, The Great Wall is approaching $150M as rollout begins outside the Middle Kingdom, and Hacksaw Ridge has now amassed an estimated cume there of just under $53M. Paramount’s Arrival has also landed across the $150M mark worldwide. After its second frame, Sony’s Passengers is eyeing a $55M-$60M cume through the weekend abroad.

Breakdowns have been updated below on the films as they reported on Monday:



With a $45.8M weekend, Disney/Lucasfilm’s Gareth Edwards-helmed spinoff dipped by 13% in like-for-like markets from last frame. Comparatively, last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens saw a roughly 28% drop in its third frame which did not include a New Year’s Eve Saturday. In 55 material territories, Rogue is now in 71% of the market with China to come January 6. The overseas total is $350M for a global cume through Sunday of $774.9M. Because of the holiday configuration, this coming week will see more kids out of school overseas than was the case on TFA. Rogue One and another spinoff of a billion-dollar franchise, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, are now about even at the global box office. Beasts through Sunday has a cume of $775.4M.

Korea came into play this weekend with a $5.6M start at about 61% of Force Awakens. It was the No. 3 start for December in Imax. The rest of Asia saw a drop-off of just 29%. There was a 31% increase in Australia. New Zealand jumped by 2% and Japan dropped just 21%. In Oz, Rogue is the No. 3 movie of 2016.

In Europe, the Felicity Jones-starrer saw a like-for-like territory drop of 3% from last weekend. Rogue saw jumps in such majors as France (6%), the UK (4%) and Germany (1%). The lead market remains the UK with $64.3M through Sunday. It became the No. 1 title of 2016 there on Saturday.

Holds were also up in Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary and Poland. Italy dipped by 20%. The stand-alone pic is still No. 1 in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK/Ireland. It is also the No. 1 film of 2016 in Denmark (non-local), Germany, Poland (non-local) and Sweden.

The Latin American region also posted a strong hold of just -28%. Brazil fell by 16%.

The Top 10 markets to date are the UK ($64.3M), Germany ($34.4M), France ($29.8M), Australia ($27.3M), Japan ($24.3M), Spain ($12.4M), Brazil ($12.1M), Mexico ($10.2M), Russia ($9.2M) and Italy ($9.4M).

China opens on Friday and will be very interesting to watch given the market’s increased familiarity with the franchise and the inclusion of local stars Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in key roles.


Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures

Whistling a happy tune, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures’ Sing has pulled in an estimated $24.3M in 56 territories through Sunday. The Garth Jennings-helmed pic passed $100M today to take the cume to $105M.

This weekend’s gross was 32% bigger than last weekend when Christmas Eve and Day fell on Saturday and Sunday. In Australia, the catchy critters culled $3.2M for a $7.8M tally. Per Uni, the pic began behind Moana last Monday, but gained momentum through the week to currently outpace that Disney title by 12%. The opening is a record for an animated film in Oz in December and the biggest Illumination bow ever.

In Korea, Sing is at No. 3 behind local pic Master and the debut of Rogue One. The cume there is $7.5M. In Mexico and Spain, Sing is No. 1 for the second consecutive week with cumes of $8.2M in each. Germany’s total after four frames is $13.6M. Next weekend, Sing opens the show in Italy and a handful of other markets. Majors still to come include France, the UK, Russia, Japan and China.


20th Century Fox

The Fox release was game for another $22M in 49 markets in its 2nd frame. The international cume is now $44.1M. Debuts were strong in Germany ($5.3M/No. 2); the UAE ($1.4M/No. 1), and India ($1M/top MPA title). France dipped just 21% for a $10.6M cume and Belgium rose by 1% for a $1.4M cume to date. Other major cumes include Spain’s $4.86M.

Based on Ubisoft’s popular video game which has sold more than 80M units, the Michael Fassbender-starrer is positioned to play bigger internationally than domestic.


Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence - Passengers.jpeg
Columbia Pictures

Sony’s Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt-starrer saw added liftoff internationally with an offshore weekend of $21.7M (up 32% versus last frame). The current overseas cume in 52 markets is $60M. Staggered rollout began last session and the Morten Tyldum-helmed film has played well throughout the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, despite cinema closures in various markets and a pattern that’s seen the film open outside the typical weekends in some plays. Sony is expecting continued growth in the coming week with most of the world on holiday and openings ahead in Germany, Korea and Brazil.

This session, the film, presented in association with LStar Capital, Village Roadshow Pictures and Wanda Pictures, kicked off in Spain with $1.55M from 668 screens, ahead of Assassin’s Creed and Rogue One. France bowed with a strong $3.7M from 537 screens and Italy earned $1.6M from 356 screens. In Australia, Passengers debuted Sunday to an estimated $1.2M from 362 screens, ranking No. 1 for the 2nd biggest opening of all time for a New Year’s Day launch in the market. (Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are distributed by Roadshow.)

The UK rose 69% increase in its 2nd frame with $2.4M from 856 screens for a market cume through Sunday of $9.2M. Other notable jumps include Finland (+66%), Portugal (+39%), Indonesia (+18%), Colombia (+15%), the Netherlands (+12%) and Denmark (+8%).

In South East Asia, the regional cume through Sunday is $8.2M. Malaysia, a market that is seeing solid growth, opened this weekend to $581K at 254 sites for a start that is 38% over space comp Gravity. After starting at big No. 1 in Russia last frame, the market now has an $8.2M cume. Mexico’s cume after eight days, and its first full weekend, is $4.4M.

Passengers has a January 13 China release date. Lawrence and Pratt recently visited and held a press conference and red carpet event as well as meeting with local media. They also appeared on “The Star’s Day” TV program to help boost the profile.



Legendary and Universal’s Zhang Yimou-helmed epic has built a worldwide warchest of $151.6M through today. In China, the estimated 3rd weekend was $15.4M for a $145.4M cume to date (local estimates have it a bit higher). Elsewhere, the rollout in other Asian markets is healthy at $6.2M. That takes the full weekend to $21.6M.

The Matt Damon-starrer opened No. 1 in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey. In HK, the total was $852K at 40 dates for 21% of the market. Malaysia’s No. 1 was $1.3M at 131 with 42% share, and coming in ahead of Jackie Chan-starrer Railroad Tigers. Similarly, Singapore grossed $1.2M with 41% of the market and also ahead of Railroad Tigers. Taiwan took $1.4M at 84 dates, topping the debut of Assassin’s Creed.

In IMAX, the cume is now $17.3M after 18 days of China release.

International dates roll out over the next few months, with the film landing in North America and many overseas markets on the weekend of February 17.



Disney’s latest animated pic had a $21.3M weekend in 28 material markets internationally. That lifts the overseas cume to $189.1M for a global $399.2M tally that’s quickly sailing past $400M. Among the new plays this frame were Australia and New Zealand. In the latter, Moana navigated the 2nd best start ever for a Disney Animation or Pixar release (behind only Finding Dory). The No. 1 debut was worth $2M. In Oz, Moana has grossed $6.3M in seven days, with an opening just 6% below Zootopia and 9% above Big Hero 6.

Europe saw increases overall from the Christmas frame — it was +41% across the region. The big jumps include Italy (+75%), Germany (+71%), the UK (+45%), France (+18%) and Spain (+13%). In France, Moana should end 2016 as the No. 2 film overall, behind Zootopia. It has already passed the lifetimes of Tangled and Inside Out and is on course to ultimately surpass Frozen.

Much of Latin America is still to open. Mexico currently is the No. 5 market with $11.4M. Above that are China ($31.4M), France ($29.7M), the UK ($17M) and Russia ($12.9M). Brazil, Korea and Japan are still to come.

The Bryan Cranston/James Franco comedy added $10.1M from 41 markets, including the addition of Australia ($3.48M) and the UK ($2.75M). The offshore total after debuting during Christmas weekend is now $14.3M. Mexico fell by 31% for a $1.8M cume while Israel dipped just 4% ($680K cume) and Peru saw a 3% bump ($418K).



Seeing a nearly 9% uptick on Christmas weekend, Warner Bros’ Beasts added $8.8M this frame in 59 markets. The international cume is now a fantastic $551.4M for a $775.4M global total. The top markets through January 1 are: China ($85.7M), the UK ($63.8M), Japan ($54.1M), Germany ($33.7M) and Korea ($33.4M).


La La Land.jpeg

Damien Chazelle’s awards season charmer just picked up a bunch of prizes at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival and over the weekend drummed up another $6M at the international box office. In a current 31 markets, the early cume on the Lionsgate title is $27.8M. Korea continues to lead with $17.7M after four frames. Australia opened on Boxing Day last week and took in $3.3M during the week. Germany, the UK, Spain and CIS are next up the weekend of January 12 while rollout continues through February.

Paramount’s Allied added another $5M in 34 markets to bring the cume to $47.1M overseas. Australia had a good start at No. 4 with $3.8M at 232 locations. Germany’s second weekend saw a 49% increase from last weekend at 301 sites for a $1.4M cume. The next major releases are Italy and Korea on January 12.


collateral beauty
Warner Bros.

Warner’s Will Smith drama added $4.7M over the New Year frame in 39 markets. The total offshore is now $20M. The UK opened last Monday (Boxing Day) and has cumed $1.5M. Hong Kong picked up $404K including sneaks on 36 screens. Comping Thursday-Sunday results there, the weepie more than doubled New Year’s Eve, is 43% ahead of The Pursuit Of Happyness and 35% weightier Seven Pounds. Italy opens Jan 4, followed by Australia, Germany and Brazil throughout the rest of the month.

Par’s Monster Trucks began soft rollout overseas on December 21 in France. It is also now open in the UK and has grossed $2.8M to date. The UK is the lion’s share of that at $2.2M at 472 sites. France has taken in $678K at 281. This is the film on which Viacom took a $115M charge in September. The next major releases overseas are Russia on January 5; Mexico and Spain on January 6; and Australia on January 12.


Resident Evil

Following last weekend’s No. 1 debut in Japan, Screen Gems’ 6th installment in the Resident Evil franchise pulled in another $2.6M from 634 screens. With an estimated local cume through Monday of $19M, the Paul W.S. Anderson-helmed film is on pace to become the biggest of the series there. Last weekend’s $9.65M start was the highest-ever debut for a Resident Evil movie in Japan (+112% over Retribution/+110% over Afterlife). The franchise typically overindexes there, particularly thanks to Japan being the IP’s provenance. This is the top market on each of the previous installments. Further rollout begins January 25 in Korea. Starring Milla Jovovich, it opens domestically on January 27.


miss peregrine

Hacksaw Ridge (var): $4.75M intl weekend (15 markets); $78.4M intl cume
Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children (FOX): $1.3M intl weekend (3 markets including 23% jump in Italy); $197.9M intl cume
Arrival (SPRI): $1.1M intl weekend (29 markets); $37.3M intl cume – SPRI only
Office Christmas Party (PAR): $1.03M intl weekend (35 markets); $36.6M intl cume
Trolls (FOX): $965K intl weekend (13 markets); $182.1M intl cume
Nocturnal Animals (UNI): $800K intl weekend (36 markets – Brazil good with $104K at 63 premium cinemas); $13.3M intl cume
Snow Queen 3 (UNI): Russian animated franchise installment grossed $700K (Russia only); holidays continue this week
Sully (WB): $109.8M intl cume

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