Charlie Sheen Blasts Media Reaction To His Prayer That Donald Trump Be Next 2016 Fatality – Update

UPDATED 11 AM: Charlie Sheen blasted the media for reacting to his “expression of hope”  that Donald Trump be the next fatality of 2016, scolding them for invading his private prayer to God that he’d published via Twitter:



Among those who have reacted:

Sheen’s Two and a Half Men mother Holland Taylor:

Fox News Channel’s media pundit Howard Kurtz:

Sen. Ted Cruz:



PREVIOUS, 8 AM: Charlie Sheen got himself back in the social media spotlight when, hours after the death of Debbie Reynolds, he found a way to turn talk of 2016’s many celebrity deaths – including also Reynolds’ daughter Carrie Fisher – with presidential politics, praying that Donald Trump be 16’s next victim:

Among those who bit at the social-media bait: CNN’s Jake Tapper, as noted by Mediaite:

Responses ensued, with Tapper being asked, among other things:  “True. But did you also ask Trump “What’s wrong with you?” when he accused Hispanic undocumented of being rapists?”

And the pivot was complete:


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