Greta Van Susteren MSNBC-Bound? Anchor Beats Drum With “Tempting Offer” Tweets – Update


UPDATED, 12:01 PM: The conservative website co-founded by Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News Channel time slot replacement Tucker Carlson says MSNBC star Joe Scarborough sort-of confirmed backdoor-ish-ly, via email, that Van Susteren has been offered a time slot on that cable news network.

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“I’m not sure the Greta deal has been confirmed, but she would certainly fill the role of a legal host that the network hasn’t had on a full-time show since Dan Abrams left,” the MSNBC morning show host said in an email exchange reported by DailyCaller. Sources have been reporting for some time that MSNBC was in talks with Van Susteren, who exited FNC in September and previously anchored for CNN as well.

Previous, Wednesday, December 28:  Former Fox News Channel host Greta Van Susteren took advantage of the traditional year-end holiday week slow-ish news cycle, to tweet that she has received an offer and would be making a decision in the next week as to whether she is going to return to the TV news business or move on to some other venture. Based on tweets, expect to see her back on TV soon and, for a while now the money is on Van Susteren, who also hosted for CNN before moving to FNC, taking a gig at MSNBC.

In September, FNC announced abruptly that Van Susteren had had her last day on the network and senior political analyst Brit Hume was taking over her time slot, effective immediately, through the presidential election. Van Susteren, meanwhile, took to Facebook to explain that she took advantage of that much-discussed “key man” clause in her contract allowing her to leave if Fox News chief Roger Ailes exited, explaining her hasty departure with: “The clause had a time limitation, meaning I could not wait.”

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