‘Christine’s True Tale Of A Local News Reporter’s On-Air Suicide Makes For Harrowing Movie – The Contenders Video


Antonio Campos, director of the harrowing movie Christinecame to Deadline’s big annual awards-season event The Contenders Presented By Deadline last month to discuss how this story of a local Florida news reporter Christine Chubbuck and her 1974 on-air suicide came to be a movie 42 years after the events unfolded.


As Campos explained to a packed audience of Oscar and key guild voters at the DGA theater, it wasn’t the simple act of pulling out a gun and killing herself on live TV that attracted him to the story, it was Chubbick’s humanity and the very human story that led up to that act. It also was the opportunity to cast Rebecca Hall in the lead role — one that defines her career to date in chilling and absolutely remarkable performance that is getting awards buzz even in a small independent movie that does not have the high profile of others in the very crowded Best Actress race.

Campos appeared during the panel sponsored by The Orchard which also included the screenwriter Guillermo Calderón of Neruda.

Check out our conversation above.

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