‘The Birth Of A Nation’ Composer Henry Jackman Talks About The Challenge Of Working On A Truly Independent Project – The Contenders Video

Fox Searchlight

As part of Fox Searchlight’s presentation at last month’s big awards season event, The Contenders Presented By Deadline,  The Birth Of A Nation composer Henry Jackman appeared to talk about the use of music in


creating the right mood for the intensely dramatic film that chronicles the slave revolt  by Nat Turner.  He tells the packed  Invitational audience of Oscar and key Guild voters  at the DGA Theatre that when he was first approached for the job he was told there was basically no money, no distributor ,no nothing  but he took it on anyway and it became a very important musical opportunity for this composer who is normally just used to working on blockbusters.  To watch Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr.’s conversation with Jackman just click on the link above.

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