Disney Crosses $3 Billion At Domestic B.O., First Time Ever For Major Studio; Global Now At Industry Record Of $7.6B

Update: Thanks to the Christmas gift that is Star Wars, Rogue One propelled the Walt Disney Studios past $3 billion at the domestic B.O.; the first time any U.S. major studio has ever hit that mark. Last month we reported that Walt Disney already surpassed $7B in worldwide ticket sales, also a first for a studio.

All in for Jan. 1-Dec. 31, Disney is at $7.6B worldwide. Broken out that’s $3.001B domestic off 16 titles, including 13 new releases last year, and $4.604B abroad.

This is the second consecutive record year in Disney history by all three measures. Disney’s previous biggest year was 2015 with $5.844B globally, $2.279B domestically, and $3.565B internationally.


Rogue One became the second-highest grossing movie of 2016 stateside in 16 days with $408.08M beating Captain America: Civil War‘s $408M which took 140 days to gross. Rogue One currently has $440.9M at the domestic B.O. and many analysts believe it’s on its way to becoming the sixth highest movie of all-time at the U.S./Canada B.O. with $600M after Force Awakens ($923M), Avatar ($760.5M), Titanic ($658.7M), Jurassic World ($652.3M) and Marvel’s Avengers ($623.4M). Many believe after Rogue One hits China this weekend, it will skyrocket toward $1 billion.

Disney holds six of the top 11 films of the year globally, including the top four: Civil War ($1.1B), Finding Dory ($1B), Zootopia ($1B), The Jungle Book ($966.6M), Rogue One ($801.9m), Doctor Strange ($658.3M).

Finding Dory Box Office

Seven of the top 12 domestically, including the top three: Finding Dory ($486.3M), Rogue One ($408.08M), Civil War ($408M), The Jungle Book ($364M), Zootopia ($341.3M), Doctor Strange ($230.4m), and Moana ($214.3M).

And five of the top nine internationally, including the top three: Civil War ($745.2M), Zootopia ($682.7M), The Jungle Book ($602.6M), Finding Dory ($541.6M), Doctor Strange ($427.9M). (Rogue One’s overseas currently stands at $361M, 71% of the overseas market sans China).

Previous, Dec. 19: Walt Disney Studios clicked past $7 billion at the global box office today, the first time a major studio has crossed that mark in a given year. Disney’s global B.O. to date beats the previous annual industry record set by Universal last year with $6.89B.

While the $290M global opening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story raced Disney past this mark, the Burbank, CA-based studio has built its 2016 fortune off a slew of big-brand titles across Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm. For the period of January 1-December 18, Disney grossed $2.7B at the domestic B.O. and $4.29B abroad.

Last year, Disney made $5.85B worldwide — $1.33B coming from Star Wars: The Force Awakens — and 2016 to date reps a 20% surge over that. Force Awakens, the highest-grossing movie stateside of all time with $923M and the third-best worldwide with $2B, made north of $736M in global ticket sales for the 2016 calendar year.

Disney owns five of the top 10 films of the year globally, domestically, and internationally, including the top four global, with three topping $1B and a fourth eclipsing $960 million. All 12 Disney-produced domestic releases this year earned A-range CinemaScores from audiences, with seven additionally earning critics scores above 90% on RottenTomatoes.

The Jungle Book, Finding Dory, Captain America: Civil War and Rogue One opened north of $100M at the domestic B.O., more than any other major in a single calendar year. The studio owns five of the top six domestic openings in industry history; four are Marvel titles. With Finding Dory and Zootopia, Disney holds four of the top five animated features of all time. Combined this year, Pixar and Marvel Studios crossed $10B in combined lifetime grosses for their titles.

“This historic achievement is possible because all of our film studios are bringing their absolute best to the table, telling great stories of all kinds that resonate with audiences across borders, gender, and generations,” said Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn in a statement. “These films work because each one has not only something for everyone, but everything for someone. It’s our honor to be able to create these experiences for audiences, and we’re thankful to them for continuing to come out to the theater with us.”

Below are Disney’s top pics of 2016:

Captain America: Civil War (Marvel) $408.1M domestic, $745.1M foreign, $1.15B worldwide.
It’s the No. 1 global and international pic of the year, and No. 2 domestic.  

Finding Dory (Pixar) $486.3M domestic, $541.3M foreign, $1.028B worldwide
No. 1 domestic and No. 1 global release of 2016. Its $135M opening is an all-time record for an animated movie.

Zootopia (Walt Disney Animation Studios) $341.3M domestic, $682.5M foreign, $1.024B worldwide
No. 3 worldwide, no. 2 international release. Its $235 million in China makes it is the No. 1 animated release of all time (admissions).

The Jungle Book (Disney) $364M domestic, $602.6M international, $966.6M worldwide
It is the biggest Western release of all time in India.

Doctor Strange (Marvel), $226.2M domestic, $426.6M international, worldwide to date $652.8M
Japan is yet to come

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Lucasfilm) global opening this weekend break down to $155.1M domestic, $290M global
The film is yet to open in South Korea (Dec. 28) and China (Jan. 6).

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