Bill Maher: Donald Trump’s Adventures In Oppositeland

In the wake of the presidential election, Bill Maher says his big talking point for 2017 will be: Why do we need two Dakotas?

“Can we just start with that? There definitely should not be four senators from the Dakota territory. If there’s two Dakotas, we should have 15 f**king Californias,” Maher complained.

Dem candidate Hillary Clinton “won the election by almost 3M votes,” Maher said in an interview on attn, conducted while his HBO show is on hiatus. “This whole ‘we win the popular vote and they get to be president’ thing has got to change, somehow,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, President-Elect Donald Trump is making cabinet appointments from Oppositeland, Maher said. That includes naming someone who does not believe in public education to run that department, Maher said of Betsy DeVos, and Dr. Ben Carson to run Housing “because why? He lives in a house?”

“He’s just f**king with people,” Maher said of Trump. “Same thing with Mitt Romney – he just wanted to f**k with him – Rick Perry, the Oops Dude, is in charge of the nukes.”

The Dems lost the election, in part, because it did not “go where the energy is in the party. She isn’t that,” Maher said of Hillary Clinton, adding, “When a 74-year-old man is getting huge crowds of 20-year-olds, pay attention to that.”

Russia’s hacking of the DNC also affected the election results, Maher insisted “because he won by such a slim margin in a few states.”

“The Russia issue to me is the one that’s going to show where the Republican party is, whether Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are wiling to be patriots ahead of Republicans. This is a foreign country that attacked us.. If you can’t get behind opposing that, you are not a patriot and you certainly are not a good American.”

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