Casey Affleck Does ‘SNL’ Donuts; ‘Jingle Barack’ Sings Off President Obama

Courtesy NBC

Casey Affleck’s guest-host performance on last night’s Saturday Night Live is in no danger of overshadowing his magnificent turn in the Oscar-leaning Manchester By The Sea, but he had his moments, none better than “Dunkin Donuts,” a pre-taped short disguised as a commercial.

Testimonials from cheery, well-put-together Dunkin Donuts customers lead up to Affleck’s Donny, a no-sugar Boston guy who “f*ckin’ loves Dunkin Donuts,” even if he has to dangle a cigarette out the front door. A crude suggestion about nuts ends in a display-tipping tussle, as Affleck takes to this Southie without strain.

During the live segments, though, the first-time host couldn’t always get past the eyes on the prompter pitfall, and in at least one case – as a vulgar little elf with a Hershey’s Kiss fetish – the writers did him no favors.

He did make for an attention-grabbing, breakdancing Jesus, though, in “Jingle Barack,” an old-school rap video starring Kenan Thompson and musical guest Chance the Rapper, celebrating the last Christmas when “Barack’s still here.” Raps Chance, “I’m drinking egg nog like I don’t care, gonna hurt myself before we lose Obamacare.”

With a Leslie Jones sleigh-ride entrance and Obama’s mic-drop exit, “Jingle Barack” is the second sketch from last night worthy of future SNL holiday clip shows. Watch it here:

Chance the Rapper’s musical interludes were “Finish Line/Drown” with a guest appearance by Noname, and, even better, his second number was “Same Drugs.” NBC hasn’t posted that one yet, so have a look at “Finish Line/Drown.”



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