Shep Smith On ‘Late Show’: Donald Trump Brought Us All To His Tower To Worship At His Feet


“What is it like now over at Fox News now that Roger Ailes is gone?” Stephen Colbert asked guest Shep Smith when the FNC star guested on The Late Show.

“The whole channel was just born out of his skull 20 years ago. Is it rudderless?


Are you guys like a cork in a typhoon?”

Shep insisted FNC was Rupert Murdoch’s vision “and it’s Rupert Murdoch who’s running the place now, and it’s fantastic.”

“But, you have to miss Roger Ailes on a certain level, right,” Colbert said, not letting up.

“Of course,” Shep acknowledged.

“Yeah — what level?” Colbert asked, landing his punchline.

Colbert complimented Shep for being a “reasonable fellow” who does not always toe the conservative line, having once called a Trump remark “almost fascist,” and said the then-GOP candidate was someone who “trades in racism.”

“What do you think he got when he traded the racism in? Other than President of the United States, what did he win by trading in racism?” Colbert asked.

“He brought us all to his tower, to worship at his feet,” Shep shot back, surprising Colbert’s crowd, who may not be familiar with Shep’s blunt talk.

Shep acknowledge he had not yet been “called” to Trump Tower to meet with the POTUS-elect but, should that happen, he might discuss with him his claim “Russians did not get themselves involved in elections, while all 17 of our intelligence agencies say they did.”

“Unless and until there’s further information on this matter, I’m going with the intelligence agencies because [Trump] doesn’t know yet,” Shep said.

Shep also finally explained to Colbert and his fans what was behind that Greatest Teaser Ever that Colbert used to love to play on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, in which Shep says to the camera:

“Kitty Cat Meow $1,000. Snooki’s Pregnant.”

“I never got the chance to celebrate the teaser with you,” Cobert said to Shep, then did, on his CBS program.

“It was raining news,” Smith joked. He explained it’s what you get when you’re teasing an upcoming report about a new cat-car-seat rule in New Jersey with its $1,000 non-compliance fine, and when a producer talks into your ear to say there is breaking news that reality TV star Snooki is pregnant.

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