Stephen Colbert Holiday-Themed Clip Shows Celebrate His Vacation


Stephen Colbert’s Late Show will broadcast a week of clip jobs, celebrating its best moments of 2016, airing next Monday through Thursday. Each night will feature new, “holiday-themed introductions” and sign-offs from Colbert that are unique to each show, CBS promised.

“It’s that magical time of year again when CBS repackages our show’s best moments to air while I’m on vacation,” Colbert explained in today’s announcement.  “So while you’re at home watching [Late Show], I’m at home on the couch watching Charlie Brown Christmas, wearing nothing but a box of wine balanced on my crotch.”

“That image is my Christmas gift to you,” Colbert said, which did not make it any better.

The Clip Job Schedule:

Monday, Dec. 19:        Monologue from Nov. 9; Tom Hanks and Zoltar sketch; Tom Hanks interview; Midnight Confessions from Oct. 27; musical performance by OK Go

Tuesday, Dec. 20:        Monologue from Nov. 10; Bruce Springsteen interview; Blanket Fort with David Duchovny; Too Much Exposition Theater with Bryan Cranston

Wednesday, Dec. 21:   Monologue from Nov. 21; Robert De Niro interview; Amy Schumer interview; Puke Takes with John Krasinski; Millie Bobby Brown interview

Thursday, Dec. 22:       Monologue from Nov. 30; Will Smith interview; Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars with Will Smith; Anna Kendrick interview; Furry Hat from Dec. 2

Friday, Dec. 23:           Monologue from Dec. 5; Chris Pratt interview; Jason Bateman interview; Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog Interview; musical performance by Stevie Wonder


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