Annapurna Hiring Spree Results In Full Marketing And Distribution Teams – CinemaCon

EXCLUSIVE: Annapurna Pictures has made a number of executive hires in both marketing and distribution as it has methodically built out its executive ranks to become a studio. Since we’re at CinemaCon, let’s look at the new distribution team first: It’s no secret that Jeff Greenspun, former senior VP of distribution and operations at The Weinstein Co., has now become exec VP of distribution operations for Annapurna. The move reunites Greenspun with Annapurna president of distribution Erik Lomis as they previously worked together at TWC.

Late last year, a number of distribution executives left their posts at other studios to join the Lomis team at Annapurna as well. Branden Miller exited 20th Century Fox VP of in-theater marketing to join Annapurna as senior VP of in-theatre marketing and distribution. Three VPs of Sales were also hired: Brett Resnick for the Western division and LaMont Shedrick for the Eastern division —  both came from 20th Century Fox where they were directors of sales. For the Central division, Narbeh Mirzakhanian left Arclight-Pacific Theaters to head up the company’s Central sales division.

On the marketing side, the executive team has also grown under president of marketing David Kaminow. Anne Yoo — previously senior VP of media strategy and promotions at Sony where she worked on Spider-Man and the James Bond franchises — has been named executive VP of media. Yoo is no stranger to Annapurna, having worked on a number of their projects as they wound their way through marketing and distribution at Sony. Those include Sausage Party, American Hustle and Zero Dark Thirty.

Michael Tritter has come aboard as executive VP of digital marketing; he was formerly Warner Bros. senior VP of interactive marketing, where he worked on more than 300 feature marketing campaigns; those included Gravity, The Lego Movie and the Harry Potter and Dark Knight franchises. He also worked at Warner Bros. while they were pushing through the critically acclaimed Annapurna pic Her.

Matt Leuthe has also joined Annapurna as VP of creative content. He comes from 20th Century Fox where he was executive director of creative content, working on the memorable campaigns for Logan, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Deadpool.

Daniella Robinson comes from Universal to take on a VP of field publicity and promotions spot. While at Uni (where she was director, multi-cultural publicity and promotions) she worked on getting the word out to diverse audiences for Get Out, Split and Sing, to name a few. She reports to Adriene Bowles, the newly hired President of publicity.

Lastly, Annapurna promoted two executives. First up, Michael Talley has been upped to senior VP of domestic and international marketing with responsibilities now including domestic marketing; he will continue with his international duties and continue to report to Kaminow.

Also, Ashley Momtaheni has been promoted to director of marketing and publicity. She has a dual reporting structure: to Kaminow for film campaign-related responsibilities and directly to Megan Ellison alongside Adriene Bowles for Corporate PR. The company is not letting go of Bebe Lerner and ID-PR though. 



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