‘Sully’ Soars Into Oscar Race After Almost Being Derailed – The Contenders Video


As part of Warner Bros’ presentation at this year’s annual award-season event The Contenders Presented By Deadline, the studio highlighted its Clint Eastwood-directed and Tom Hanks-starring drama SullyIn front of a DGA theater full house of Oscar and key guild voters, producers Frank Marshall, Allyn Stewart and Tim Moore plus film editor Blu Murray and screenwriter Todd Komarnicki shared the sometimes rocky road the inspiring story of hero pilot Sully Sullenberger had in getting to the screen.


After working for years to get this made the proper way, Marshall explains that the right guy for the job came along and that, combined with a truly untold story people only thought they knew, got the picture rolling. Komarnicki explained how a 30-minute pitch gave him confidence that “the check’s in the mail” — and it was. Moore told how Eastwood used many of the real first responders and rescue workers to re-create what they actually did when that plane was forced to land in the Hudson River.

Murray, by the way, does a hot impression of his director.

Check out my conversation with the Sully team above.

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