Show For Our Time? GSN To Launch New Series ‘Divided’ Hours Before Inauguration


GSN has formally ordered Divided, a new game show/social experiment hybrid series from John de Mol’s Talpa Media USA. The show, in which a team of complete strangers has to agree on the same answer and then on the size of everyone’s cut in order to win prize money, will debut at 9 PM on January 19, the day before the Presidential inauguration, paired with season four of the network’s popular game show, Idiotest.

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Hosted by Mike Richards (The Price is Right), each episode of Divided features four contestants who must come to a consensus on the answers to each of the questions they are given, while a ticking clock reduces their potential windfall for every moment they spend debating. With more money available to win in each successive round, the contestants will have to collectively vote a teammate off and, when the remaining prize money is divided into three drastically unequal parts, they must agree on who should receive which share – or risk losing everything if the clock runs out.


Divided — originally announced as part of GSN’s upfront development slate in March — arrives as the nation has been left deeply divided by a bruising Presidential campaign and election. That was not lost on GSN executives as they worked on the series.

Divided is informed by the fractured social landscape, which in turn, reflects the political divide in this country,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, GSN’s EVP Programming and Development. “Whether it’s baby boomers and Millennials, Democrats and Republicans or simply men and women, who the contestants are influences how they answer and try to persuade their teammates. The first goal is to come to agreement on the right answers swiftly in order to win, but the fun and most interesting aspect of the show is when the prize money is divided unequally at the end and how certain contestants will try to bully their way into taking the biggest chunk, with little or no regard to how they answered the questions earlier. The same could be said of how our political primaries and election shaped up.”


As for picking a premiere hours before the inauguration of Donald Trump as President, “launching Divided so close to the inauguration, much like a question in the show, was hotly debated!” Introcaso-Davis said. “Ultimately we agreed it was a good time to show that although people have many disagreements, it is to everyone’s benefit to unite.”

Divided is executive produced by  John de Mol and Jay Bienstock of Talpa and Michael Canter.

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