‘SNL’: Donald Trump Won’t Like Last Night’s Weekend Update


Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update last night boasted the episode’s single best joke when Colin Jost said Rudy Giuliani’s removing himself from Secretary of State consideration is “like Dirty Grandpa taking itself out of Oscar contention” — maybe you had to be there — while the Update guest spots were solid if far from season highs.

First, and best, was Kate McKinnon’s Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who was Time magazine’s Person of the Year prior to Donald Trump (“It’s like winning the Nobel for physics and the next year they give it to Hoobastank”).

McKinnon, whose vocal impression is largely this bit’s reason for being, had a few good lines (Hillary Clinton “is so deep into the woods I’m worried she’ll come upon a candy house”) and one anti-Donald blast that was strong enough to suggest it might have prompted the entire bit. Merkel was asked by Jost whether she was worried about nationalism.

“Ah, yes, in America you call it the alt-right,” she said. “In Germany we call it why grandpapa lives in Argentina now.”

Take a look at McKinnon’s Merkel above.

The second Weekend Update guest was Cecily Strong’s Cathy Anne, the ex-crack addict street person who’s “always yelling outside” Michael Che’s window.

It’s taken me a while to warm to this character — still seems like watered-down Lily Tomlin — but Strong’s affection for the throaty voiced Cathy Anne, right down to her eczema, counts for something.

Last night, Cathy Anne was all riled up about Pizzagate, fake news and Nazis, and, like Merkel, sniped at the alt-right euphemism. “What the hell, say what you are,” she stammered. “You’re not McCafe, you’re McDonald’s…and I’m here because I burned some bridges at Wendy’s.”

And in a tactic that’s becoming routine these days, Cathy Anne directly addressed someone watching at home.  “I think everybody needs to get off the damn internet for a few days,” she said, “including Donald Trump. I know he’s watching.”

Watch here:

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