Matthew McConaughey Strikes ‘Gold’ And Says He Has Found His Favorite Role Ever: The Actor’s Side


Matthew McConaughey says the role of Kenny Wells in his new film Gold is the favorite of any he has played. Just watching the movie you can see why: It’s a combination of The Wolf Of Wall Street meets The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre. It offers McConaughey the opportunity to play a dreamer who hasn’t hit it big with his financial schemes, but suddenly thinks he has the mother lode when he gets the opportunity to venture to the Indonesian mountains to hunt for gold and certain riches.


McConaughey joined me for an episode of my new video series The Actor’s Side to talk not only about this role of a lifetime, but also another December release — the animated Singin which he plays another entrepreneur, a Koala named Buster Moon who also has big dreams. As he did in Dallas Buyers Club, the physical transformation for Gold was daunting, in this case instead of losing all that weight he had to gain it — and he talks about how he did it and much more. Gold will have a qualifying run in theaters this month before going wide January 27. Sing opens December 21.

Check out our conversation above.

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