Seth Meyers Blasts Media For Normalizing Nazis With “Alt-Right” Label

Seth Meyers

Media is bending over backward to normalize white supremacists and Nazis with reports on the so-called “alt-right” movement, Seth Meyers scolded last night on NBC’s Late Night. He cited, for example, a recent CNN online headline wondering “Hipster or hatemonger: the trendy young face of Austria’s far right.”

“Hey media, what are you doing? How do you confuse hipsters with Nazis?” Meyers wondered.

“Alt-right is a name they picked for themselves. If looks like a duck and talks like a duck and steps like a goose – it’s a Nazi,” he insisted.

“Get your sh*t together, media. Calling Nazis and white supremacists the alt-right is like calling O.J. Simpson a cutlery enthusiast.”

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