Veep Joe Biden To Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump ‘SNL’ Attacks “Make Lot Of Sense”

“I can understand going after late-night hosts, it makes a lot of sense to me to attack you guys,” Veep Joe Biden joked to Late Show host Stephen Colbert, in re Donald Trump’s ongoing Twitter war against Alec Baldwin’s Trump-stand-in work on Saturday Night Live. Making his first late-night talk show appearance since the election, Biden was responding to Colbert’s concerns that our next POTUS “seems to be responding on the spur of moment, with tweets, to personal slights, like attacking Alec Baldwin on SNL, or taking a moment to cancel an order from Boeing based on we don’t know what.”

“Don’t we want steadiest possible hand? And, if the president is saying the first thing that occurs to his thumbs, it’s little unnerving,” Colbert said, appearing to speak for his studio audience based on their reax.

Biden, who has spent four decades in Washington, responded diplomatically that “it makes no sense to start this off without the rest of us saying we’re going to give this guy an actual even shot, going to give him a clear shot to do the job where we’re actually going to be there to work with him.”

The two-term Veep said he is “counting on President-Elect Trump to tamp down this bitterness that is being promoted against everything from the LGBT community, to African Americans, to Muslims.”

And, continuing this cockeyed-optimist talk, Biden predicted the media would turn its focus from what Trump had said about a particular show, and instead focus on whether Trump’s trade deals and wall-building make sense.

“There will be a real debate…which never occurred in the election. I think, frankly, unless he changes some of his views… The reports of the demise of the Democratic party are premature. I see it coming back, big time in 2018,” Biden forecast loyally.


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