Donald Trump Delivers Villain-Free Victory Tour Speech In North Carolina, Confounding Media


Donald Trump delivered the first speech of his political career in which there was no featured villain.

To the great surprise of the press, Trump even spared them in his thank-you address to voters in Fayetteville, North Carolina, despite the best effort of the large gathering of supporters who had waited patiently an extra 90 minutes for POTUS-Elect Trump to arrive, explaining he’d been waylaid by lousy weather.

“The script to what we’re doing is not yet written. Remember, this has been a great, great movement, the likes of which they’ve never seen before and the likes of which those folks in back there that write the stories,” Trump said in the middle-ish of his address, signaling the traditional Press Pummeling Portion of his speech was getting underway. The segment, which usually serves as a sort of seventh-inning stretch, is always a fan fave at Trump rallies.  On cue, the enthusiastic stadium crowd began to boo and foam over. But for the first time in Trump’s short, if spectacular, political career to date, he shut them down.

“No, no,” Trump instructed. “I’ll tell you – and they’re saying it – they’ve never seen anything like this before,” Trump said, in re the press in the back of the hall. “It’s one of the great political phenomena of all time. And we’re going to show them – we’re going to do a great job,” Trump told his followers.

“We’re going to create a safe country, we’re going to create a prosperous country. We’re going to have jobs again – great jobs, not bad jobs, real jobs. And it’s going to be something. And, hopefully, they’re going to write The Truth,” Trump said, appearing to confound his supporters, and confuse media who spoke of the change in somewhat hushed tones after the speech wrapped.

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