Van Jones To Trevor Noah On Donald Trump Presidency: “Welcome To Hell”

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“Welcome to the show, sir,” Trevor Noah said as CNN’s Van Jones came to The Daily Show to plug the cable news net’s Donald Trump special The Messy Truth

“Welcome to hell, sir,” Jones responded, saying, of the next four years: “For you it’ a ratings bonanza. For the rest of us , we’re just going to be suffering.”

Noah noted that, when Jones guested on the show before the election, “you sounded the warning…you were talking about angry white voters” and “people who were neo-Nazis and white supremacists.”

Responded Jones, “I tried to tell y’all and nobody would listen!”

“I’ve been black a long time,” Jones joked, saying it gives him an “advantage of being able to see possibly bad things coming.”

Not all those who voted Trump did so for “racially negative reasons,” Jones said.

“You have a core of people who were actually delighted by those inflammatory comments,” he began. “Those people I would call bigots. But you had another group of people who found those comments distasteful, but not disqualifying. They had so much other economic pain and problems that were not being talked to. And those were the people that cost us the election.”

“Trump is much worse than anybody in this country is willing to accept,” Jones insisted. “But a lot of his voters are much better.”


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