Samantha Bee Anticipates Donald Trump’s Thank-You Tour Stop In North Carolina With Look At Governor Race


Samantha Bee opened this week’s Full Frontal noting President Barack Obama is busy “child-proofing the Oval Office” while POTUS-Elect Donald Trump’s Thank-You Tour makes a stop in Fayetteville, NC tonight. On the eve of Trump’s visit, Bee updated the governor’s race in that state; just hours before her broadcast, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory conceded his bid for re-election to Dem Roy Cooper. That ended a month-long battle in which the incumbent claimed to have been the victim of voter fraud. McCrory’s team had filed protests in multiple counties, but local election officials found no widespread evidence of illegal voting.

North Carolina elected Trump – hence the thank-you stop – as well as Republicans running for offices in the state, but McCrory lost after his since-struck-down law restricting bathroom use by transgender people reportedly cost the state about $600M in business, Bee noted.

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