‘SNL’ Hunts For Elusive Hillary, Host Emma Stone Finds True Christmas Savior


Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton low-heeled it back to Saturday Night Live last night in one of the most clever bits of the show: “The Hunt for Hil” was fashioned as a commercial for one of those In Search of-type shows on cable, with the former presidential candidate standing in for the usual Bigfoot or Chupacabra.

Says one Westchester County eyewitness, “It was blonde, about 5 feet 5, and it seemed like it wanted to be by itself, so I started running after it.” The faux-show’s two Hil-hunting hosts (Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) follow genre guidelines, utilizing green night-vision and tracking footprints (“A woman’s shoe, size 6, no heel – Hillary!”) before resorting to Kenan Thompson’s exotically attired psychic of
Chappaqua. Coming out of a trance, the psychic relays the otherworldly message: “She’s buying eggs at a grocery store.”

Watch “The Hunt for Hil” above.

Another digital short scored nearly as well. A faux-commercial for a large Fisher Price playset fashioned like a wishing well, “Wells for Boys” offered just the gift for the “sensitive boys” of your family. “Some kids like to play, while others just sort of wait for adulthood.”

Also available: A big, plastic Juliet-style balcony window, “for when they’re ready to announce something.” Silly and kinda sweet. Take a look:

A third short, the musical “The Christmas Candle,” had some fun with the holiday tradition of re-gifting unwanted presents, in this case “the candle we all get and give away.”

Praising that cheap, unwanted and unlit candle you got last Christmas, the women of SNL, headed by this week’s host Emma Stone, sang praises to the true “savior” of Christmas. “A lot of people think two gifts are better than one, but that just makes each gift seem smaller and dumb,” they sang.

Worth unwrapping:

Then there was “High School Theatre Show,” a recurring bit that SNL seems to think is much funnier than I do. Or perhaps the cast just relishes the chance to rap and unleash their inner geeks. In any case, the one-joke gag has a bunch of high school drama students (a game Stone joined usuals Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day) whose performance art raps tackle all the world’s weightiest worries.

“I didn’t want AIDS,” Bryant’s overly empowered adolescent thespian tells the gathered (and mortified) audience of moms and dad. “My AIDS made me feel ‘less-than.’ I wish everyone in the world had AIDS because frankly AIDS rocks!”

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