Seth MacFarlane Tweets Thoughts On Trump And Why Hollywood “Hates” Him; Trump Fans Hate Seth Back

Seth MacFarlane
Art Streiber

Seth MacFarlane got into a Trump Twitter tussle today when he posted his answer to the pressing question: “Why do Hollywood folks hate Trump?”:

Trump supporters were not shy about responding. To his credit, MacFarlane engaged several, including a disciple of Aristophanes, who suggested, maybe instead, “its actually because most of you scumbags live in a f*cking bubble behind fancy gates and believe ur own press.” MacFarlane pointed out:

A cat-fancier, meanwhile, suggested, “Why don’t you just become a politician. Politics is clearly the only thing you’re focused on now.” MacFarlane disabused Twitter of that idea:

Other Twitter wags appeared to doubt MacFarlane’s sincerity or understanding of Trump’s tax proposal. He attempted to set them straight:

Another commenter, who seemed genuinely interested, asked a fair question: “Why does Hollywood feel the need to constantly involve themselves, and why should anyone listen?”

And so the day wore on. Eventually the Family Guy creator appeared to sense the gag has run its course upon discovering that a discerning super-fan of his  “Teds 1 & 2” could nonetheless pronounce him “delusional” because he would rather “have a criminal in the White House” than “a con man who puts USA first.”  He wrapped up the discussion:


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