CNN Apologizes To Trump Team For Producer’s Plane-Crash Crack Caught On Camera

CNN says it has disciplined a producer heard off-camera making a crack about Donald Trump’s plane crashing while setting up for a live Suzanne Malveaux report from the POTUS-elect’s Thank-You Tour kickoff.

“An unfortunate and inappropriate remark was made by one of our producers off camera yesterday. We have apologized to the Trump transition team, and the producer has been disciplined,” the network said in a statement.

The incident happened yesterday when Malveaux was setting up at the Carrier plant in Indiana, where Trump was going to deliver remarks about the deal to keep about 1,000 jobs from moving to Mexico. The camera is rolling as the crew does a sound check, etc., and a producer is heard talking about the signal they’d give Malveaux to let her know Trump’s plane had landed. That’s when the unseen producer is heard adding the ghoulish crack.

Here is the video, which was obtained by FTVLive:

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