Harry Shearer Developing Trump-Focused Political Satire Series ‘Too Soon?’


Harry Shearer is developing a topical political sketch comedy series titled Too Soon? that will have a heavy focus on President-elect Donald Trump and his time in the Oval Office.

In a teaser (see above), with the use of motion-capture technology, Shearer voices and plays both Trump and President Barack Obama, as he envisions their 90-minute meeting in the Oval Office shortly after Trump’s electoral college win.  In the clip, we see the incoming and outgoing commanders-in-chief discussing Abraham Lincoln’s desk in the oval office, Obama’s bookshelf, the office drapes, among other things.

Harry Shearer

Shearer says he’s been working for some time on developing a new kind of topical sketch series based on his characterizations and mo-cap technology, and for the first time found a team capable of producing it. John MacInnes and Remington Scott of MacIinnes Scott, who worked together on vid-game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, directed and produced the short.

The Simpsons’ Shearer says his goal is to do “a wide-ranging satirical take on current events,” but “given Trump’s ability to ‘make news’, he’ll probably have an outsize presence in the show.” That, along with the idea that “topical satire, of necessity tends to have a heavy emphasis on whoever occupies the Oval Office at the time.”

Shearer is currently shopping the series, looking at various distribution platforms. “The job is to find the ideal combination of the budget numbers we need to produce content and the distribution platform with maximum speed and flexibility,” he says.

Shearer is no stranger to playing a president. He previously portrayed Richard Nixon in his web series Nixon’s The One,  based on the Nixon White House tapes.

Shearer is repped by Affirmative Entertainment.


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