Donald Trump Proposes Jail For Flag Burners, Triggers Morning TV News


Perpetually pivoting President-elect Donald Trump took a break from CNN bashing this morning to state people who burn the American flag should be stripped of their citizenship or spend a year in the slammer:

The Supreme Court decades ago determined flag burning in protest is a Constitutionally protected right. Trump’s communications director Jason Miller, however, disagreed with the court this morning when CNN, among news outlets, bit:

Flag burning is completely ridiculous…I think you know that, and I think the vast majority of Americans would agree,” Miller smiled at Chris Cuomo, pivoting to the “big news” of that day, which he insisted was the “two additionally administration picks appointments that will have a big impact on repealing Obamacare.”

He was referencing the Trump administration’s pick of Rep Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Seema Verma as Administrator of Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“I want to talk about those,” Cuomo promised, but insisted, “when the president-elect says something, we gotta listen…When he says that something should be illegal that is a protected Constitutional right…you gotta respect people’s ability to say what you don’t like to hear.”

Miller’s turn:

“Absolutely should be illegal,” he scofffed. “We know why we’re here this morning; we’re going to talk about transition team; we’re going to talk about what this government is going to do for the American people. I think most Americans would agree with me that flag burning should be illegal. It’s completely despicable.”

Back to you, Chris.

“What do you want this country to be? Only what you like, what President-elect Trump likes? That’s what now okay behavior in America?”

“Flag burning should be illegal. End of story. Let’s talk about how we’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare and these fantastic picks the president-elect announced,” Miller stoutly persisted.


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