Twittering Trump Takes No Holiday, Tweets About Recount And Illegal Votes


Update 1:25 pm Donald Trump now says “millions” of people voted illegally for Hillary Clinton, and he’d have won the popular vote if not for them. The president-elect’s latest trio of tweets follows this morning’s blast in which he called demands for a three-state recount “sad.”

Previous Jill Stein’s drive for an election recount in three states (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania) prompted a morning twitter storm from President-elect Donald Trump today, with the GOP’s top man returning to verbose form after yesterday’s four-word “Fidel Castro is Dead!” tweet.

Granted, most of the tweets were Hillary Clinton quotes, with his one-word summation – “Sad” – arriving as a punch line.

The tweets came hours after Trump called Stein’s effort a “Green Party scam” to “fill up their coffers.” He seemed particularly irate that Hillary Clinton will send a lawyer to monitor the recount.

Trump, who famously declined during his campaign to pledge acceptance of election results, hit Twitter just before 7:30 a.m. ET on this last day of the Thanksgiving weekend. It went like this:


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