STX Halts ‘Godforsaken’ As Sylvester Stallone Exits

EXCLUSIVE: STX Entertainment has halted pre-production on Godforsaken, after Sylvester Stallone abruptly decided not to go forward with the starring role. Jim Mickle has been set to direct the Daniel Casey script, which was to begin production in Atlanta December 5. This one has to hurt as it was the mystery picture that Stallone boasted about during STX’s presentation at CinemaCon, coming off Stallone’s Oscar nomination for Creed. Stallone brought it to STX and worked on the script with the writer and Lawrence Grey, the producer through his Grey Matter banner.

Jim Mickle Esperanza

Stallone was going to play an aging ex-con with more regrets than memories. Upon hearing about his son’s death, his solitude is quickly broken as he must now protect the only family he has left and avenge a son he hardly knew. Mickle helmed Cold in July.

Crew is being told and the project will go back into development with Mickle and Grey. Am trying to find out specifics on why the picture halted two weeks before starting, but it sounds like Stallone simply had second thoughts and pulled out. STX will redevelop this one, and seek another vehicle with Stallone.

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