Katy Tur On Trump Trail: Stockholm Syndrome & Curling Irons – ‘Late Night’


NBC News reporter Katy Tur took a pre-Thanksgiving trip to Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday, telling the host she was not surprised “at all” by the outcome of the recent U.S. presidential election — one during which she became a frequent target of now President-elect Donald Trump.

In the video above, Meyers asks Tur why she wasn’t surprised by the results. “When you saw the excitement that was there, and the enthusiasm that was (at the rallies), you just knew that every single person that went there because they liked Donald Trump was going to go to the polls and pull the lever for Donald Trump. He just had this momentum behind him.” But, she clarifies, “My producer and I thought maybe we had Stockholm syndrome because we kept saying ‘No, we think he’s going to win,’ but because the polls didn’t agree with us…”

Tur was embedded with the campaign and was repeatedly singled out by the then candidate during rallies and online. The taunts helped spawn the oft-trending #ImWithTur hashtag and Tur is now writing a book about her 18 months on the Trump trail and his rise to the highest office in the land. (Although she says she wasn’t shocked by the fact that Trump won, the title of her book is Unbelievable.)

Tur also recounts an anecdote about running into a Trump supporter/hairdresser in the ladies’ room of one of the rallies who generously helped get her camera-ready. A bit later, while Trump was joking about killing journalists and the entire arena began “booing and cheering at the idea of us dying,” says Tur, “in that crowd was the woman that was curling my hair. I didn’t think that was very nice.”

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