Donald Trump Channels Online Video Again For Thanksgiving Message

While the news media is jonesing for the first official press conference with Donald Trump since he was elected President of the United States, his transition team today put out its third video on its Transition 2017 channel, which has outposts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This one, titled “A Thanksgiving Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump,” runs 1 minute, 45 seconds and urges Americans to heal from the contentious election and, “let us boldy face the exciting new frontiers that lie ahead.”

On Monday, Team Trump posted a video on the channel giving an update on the transition and dropped some real news on policy plans for the Trump Administration’s first 100 days. Those included executive actions to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, and a five-year lobbying ban on executive officials after they leave the administration — news items that would usually be dropped during a news conference in front of reporters. That video has 5.1 million views on YouTube alone to date.

Check out today’s Thanksgiving message.

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