New York Times-Heavy Slate Wins NewsGuild Election Amid Fear Of Job Cuts

The New York Times

Grant Glickson, leading a slate heavy with New York Times representatives, was elected president of the NewsGuild of New York, Glickson said in an email to Times guild members on Tuesday. The victory for Glickson’s Members First slate puts the New York guild squarely in the camp of its Times chapter, which makes up about 40 percent of the union’s New York membership, according to an earlier email from Dan Gold, who was elected to the executive committee as part of the slate. More, the vote points toward a firm stance by the union in ongoing negotiations with the Times over a new contract in the next year.

“We must restart and re-energize our contract talks with management,” Glickson told New York Times members in the Tuesday letter. “And we will work as hard as possible to minimize and soften the damage from the planned reduction in our staff.”

During months of campaigning in the union election, candidates have said they plan to resist or mitigate further job cuts at the Times under a new contract. In defeating incumbent Peter Szkeley, a former Reuters correspondent, Glickson was joined by secretary-treasurer Vincent Mallozzi, from the New York Times; first vice-president Jeff Blyksal, from Consumer Reports; second vice-president Tony Barone, from Reuters; local chairperson Lan Lecour from Standard & Poor’s; and third vice-president Richard Perez-Pena, from the Times. Ten of 16 executive committee members listed on the Members First slate were also from the Times. In his letter, Glickson said the entire Members First slate was elected. He won the presidency with 871 votes to 572 for Szekeley, Glickson said.

In endorsing Glickson, who had been chair of the Times guild unit, Michael Powell, a sports writer for the paper, underscored concerns about possible job cuts. “We face the probability that a significant number of our colleagues could lose their jobs next year,” Powell wrote.

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