SAG-AFTRA Video Game Strike: Union Launching Virtual Picket Line On Social Media

David Robb/Deadline

SAG-AFTRA will launch a virtual picket line on social media tomorrow to “show that our greatest strength is our unity.” Instead of real pickers walking a real picket line, the union is urging its members to join the #PerformanceMatters picket in social media beginning at noon on Tuesday.

SAG-AFTRA logo featured

“Beginning at noon,” the union is telling its members, “show your support on social media by sharing the tweets below and these images; retweet and share SAG-AFTRA’s Facebook and Twitter posts; take a solidarity selfie or group photo, use the hashtag #PerformanceMatters and post it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.”

Sample Tweets it’s suggesting include: @EA and @Activision, negotiate a fair contract! #PerformanceMatters; and @EA and @Activision, we love the characters in your games! Make a fair deal because #PerformanceMatters; and @EA and @Activision, you are causing your performers vocal stress! #PerformanceMatters.”

The key issue in the strike, which is now in its fifth week, is over residuals. The guild wants to give the companies the option of paying an upfront bonus to performers, or pay back-end residuals on successful games. The companies have steadfastly refused to include any type of residuals formula in its collective bargaining agreement.

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