Dana Brunetti Receives PGA Mark For ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ After Appeal

By Ross A. Lincoln, Anthony D'Alessandro


In a reversal of its original decision, the Producers Guild of America has granted approval to Dana Brunetti to receive a PGA mark on the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker. The PGA also approved a mark for Marcus Viscidi, the sequel’s line producer.

“The Panel has determined, based upon the additional evidence obtained, that Dana Brunetti and Marcus Viscidi each performed a major portion of the producing functions on this film in a decision-making capacity, as is required for eligibility pursuant to Section B of the Rules,” the Guild said in a statement issued November 18. The Guild confirmed that PGA accredited producers on the film will be Michael De Luca, E L James, Dana Brunetti, and Marcus Viscidi.


Brunetti and the PGA came to blows on October 20 when he the org decided that the producer wasn’t worthy for the PGA mark on the Fifty Shades sequel. While the decision didn’t impact Brunetti’s producing credit and compensation, it did remove him from credit for any awards consideration the film might garner. Brunetti told Deadline at the time that it was a matter of principle, not an issue specific to this film. “I don’t care about the mark on this movie, it’s about the principle, particularly in regards to my past experience with the PGA and what I’ve seen happen to other producers.”

Responding to the decision on his Facebook profile, Brunetti was jubilant about the decision but cautioned the issues underlying the conflict over his status on the film were not resolved. “I’ve won the battle, but not the war. Hopefully more to come,” he said adding in a further statement included as a graphic on his post that “so why am I still ‘whining’ or ‘complaining’ as some have called it? It is clearer than ever their system is broken and needs to be fixed. This was never about me, but about an unfair system that has the potential to do harm to people’s careers and reputations.” Here is Brunetti’s Facebook post with his appeal letter. It was Brunetti’s strategy to have no other evidence presented, hence why all statements were exactly the same and only reworded per the rules of the PGA:

Below is the PGA’s response to Brunetti granting him his the org’s initials:


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