Trump Deletes Angry Tweet Attacking ‘Hamilton’ Actor


It’s a day ending in “y”, and so it is that President-Elect Donald Trump continues to demonstrate the gravitas and presidential restraint for which he is well known. Today’s example, the former host of The Apprentice fired off a series of angry tweets in response to the hostile reception that greeted his VP Mike Pence last night at a performance of Hamilton.

At first limiting his comments to defending Pence, who was booed by the crowd but was only implored politely not to be a bigot by the cast after the show ended, Trump decided to go one further. This afternoon, he followed up his earlier tweets with one singling out Brandon Victor Dixon, who delivered the cast’s heartfelt plea that Pence and Trump would represent “all of us”. Trump called him “rude” and “insulting,” and then, for some reason, accused Dixon of forgetting his lines.

Naturally, that accusation has not been substantiated by the hundreds of other patrons who saw last night’s performance, and Trump didn’t even attend. In any case, Trump soon had a change of heart and deleted the tweet without comment. By then however, it had been shared thousands of times allowing numerous screenshots; You can see it for yourself below.

President-elect Trump's deleted Twitter message.
President-elect Trump’s deleted Twitter message. Twitter

Pence has yet to comment on the request by the cast of Hamilton. However, the Indiana Governor is well known as a staunch opponent of equal marriage rights and has in the past called for funds devoted to HIV research to be rerouted to so-called gay conversion therapy.

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