Billy Crystal Chokes Saying “President-Elect Trump” During Visit To Jimmy Kimmel


Billy Crystal choked on the words “President-elect Trump” while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

Crystal, promoting his upcoming Spend the Night with Billy Crystal comedy tour, got to talking about playing golf years ago with President Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, MLB honcho Joe Torre, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. That was back when Trump was a Democrat and “for the war,” Crystal quipped.

“I don’t know what happened to” Giuliani, Crystal told Jimmy Kimmel, who’d asked. Crystal insisted that Giuliani is “a really good guy” who “got nuts” during Trump’s presidential campaign. “There may be some Rottweiler blood” in his lineage, the comic speculated about of the former New York mayor’s various rabid campaign appearances.

“And Mr. Trump used to –” Crystal began to say, before correcting himself and starting again with “President-elect Trump.”

“I choke!” Crystal said when he had difficulty getting out the words. Big reax in the studio audience, suggesting some of this material may make its way to Crystal’s one-man show.

“No, sincerely, we have to — we’re in this together,” Crystal said, more seriously. “We are Americans. We have to do the best we can,” he said of the Trump administration. “And we will, because that’s who we are.”

Kimmel added, pragmatically, “And what choice do we have, anyway?”

Going for the laugh, Crystal squeaked: “I just really don’t want to – I don’t want to! This is scary!”

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