Seth Meyers Probes Donald Trump’s Wall Retreat, Ivanka’s ’60 Minutes’ Home Shopping Pitch

Seth Meyers Donald Trump Ban

NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers plunged into the “knife-fight” at Trumpworld as it pounds out a cabinet and begins the traditional Post-Election Campaign Promise Walk-Back.

For instance, about Trump’s biggest campaign promise, Newt Gingrich recently said in an interview, “[Trump] will spend a lot of time controlling the border. He may not spend very much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it…But it was a great campaign device”.

“Or, in layman’s terms: ‘a f**king lie’,” Meyers translated.

“Already there seems to be two centers of gravity in Trumpworld,” Meyers explained. “You’ve got incoming chief of staff and elf-on-a-shelf Reince Priebus, who comes from the establishment wing. And then you’ve got Steve Bannon, the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, a web site adored by white nationalists. And while the establishment may be relieved by the fact Priebus is the chief of staff, history indicates he’ll probably be less powerful than Bannon.

Throwing his viewers’ mind back to Monday’s Late Night, when he discussed Bannon’s “ties to white nationalists,” Meyers told them even conservative commentator Glenn Beck has scary things to say about Bannon, queuing up clips of Beck saying:

Steve Bannon wants to burn it down.

He’s a nightmare.

Bannon has a clear tie to white nationalists.

He is a terrifying man.

“You know the world has gone insane when Glenn Beck and Bernie Sanders are on the same page,” Meyers noted, accurately.

Meyers turned his sights on our new POTUS’s other closest advisers, aka offspring Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric. They are supposed to be running his business empire in that “blind trust” Trump promised during his campaign, which also now seems to be looking less promise-y.

Ivanka recently turned CBS News’ 60 Minutes into a sort of Home Shopping Network program, Meyers informed his viewers, many of whom may have missed it, being out of the newsmag’s demographic group. While appearing with her dad, during his interview with Lesley Stahl, one of her employees urged reporters to write about the $10.8K bangle bracelet she was wearing, two Louis XIV chairs to his left.

“Did you hear that, disenfranchised white working class voters? For only $11K you can Make Your Wrist Great Again,” Meyers snarked.


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