The Actor’s Side: Andrew Garfield On Working With Gibson, Scorsese And The Late Philip Seymour Hoffman


Andrew Garfield is having quite a season.  Not only does he play WW2 conscientious objector and hero Desmond Doss in Mel Gibson’s stirring Hacksaw Ridgehe also has a key role as a 17th Century Jesuit priest in Martin Scorsese’s long -awaited passion project, Silence which finally opens next month.  In my latest edition of my new


video series on acting contenders, The Actor’s Side, I sat down with Garfield to discuss both films and the road that led him to the precipice of what could very well be his first-ever Oscar nomination.  He also talks about the distinctly different, but effective, directing styles of the those two Oscar-winning helmers, as well as the decision he made to go back to the stage for Broadway’s Death of a Salesman and the bittersweet knowledge that it would turn out to be the last chance he would ever have to work with co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman and another iconic director, Mike Nichols.  Just click on the link above to watch.


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