‘The Simpsons’ Addresses Its 2000 Prediction Of Donald Trump Presidency


Face it: The Simpsons has been right about a lot of things. When you air 600-plus episodes over 28 seasons and counting, you’re bound to hit the mark now and again. But the venerable Fox toon doesn’t seem all that thrilled with its prediction of a Donald Trump presidency — the one it made during a 2000 episode titled “Bart To The Future.”

Well, if admitting one’s mistakes is the first step to redemption, or whatever, then The Simpsons has begun its own personal healing process. Last night’s opening saw Bart Simpson — the 10-year-old one, not the boozy 40-year-old slacker from Season 11’s “Bart To The Future” — write a contrite message in the form of his weekly standards on the blackboard. Check it out in this tweet:

It was 16 years ago that The Simpsons imagined a grown-up Lisa as “proud to be America’s first straight female president.” Turns out, she succeeded an imaginary POTUS who has become all too real. In an Oval Office meeting with her most trusted advisers during the episode, President Simpson says, “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.” Secretary Milhouse Van Houten concurs, saying, “We’re broke.”

Let’s see how the real Trump administration shakes out. The Simpsons could be able to weigh in then, too, considering Fox still might be airing new episodes in 2020.

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