Watch Harry Shearer’s Version Of Trump & Obama’s White House Meeting

EXCLUSIVE: President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump met in an official capacity for the first time Thursday following the former reality TV host’s surprising victory in the race to become leader of the United States. While there was a photo op before the two men had their face to face, the meeting itself was private, so we’ll just have to imagine what it was they talked about.

Enter The Simpsons and This Is Spinal Tap co-star Harry Shearer, who is set to launch a new weekly comedy show intended to satirize what is likely to be a very interesting four years under President Trump. He’s just released a preview of the new series in which he supposes what might have gone down in the meet-up. Shearer voices both Obama and Trump in the performance-capture clip, which assumes Trump is as painfully self-absorbed as he appears to be in real life. Note that the video lampoons Trump’s personality more than anything he’s said or whatever policies he might pursue. Watch it above.

The cool thing about the clip is that it was produced in less than a day, with animation courtesy of John MacInnes and Remington Scott of MacInnes Scott, who first worked together on the Activision video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which notably rendered Kevin Spacey in full video game glory. In fact, with its experience in gaming, MacInnes Scott intend to create a VR version of the clip in which viewers will be able to see the Oval Office alongside the improbably successful President-elect.

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