Teamsters President James Hoffa Vows To Work With Donald Trump

Associated Press

Teamsters President James Hoffa, who endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, has congratulated Donald Trump on his victory and vows to work with the him on “numerous issues essential to the nation’s workers.” Hoffa’s statement of support was posted today on the website of Hollywood Teamsters Local 399. Read it below.

In August, when Hoffa announced his endorsement of Clinton, he said: “The Oval Office needs to be occupied by a serious candidate who understands what it means to govern responsibly. Donald Trump supports national right-to-work laws that are proven to weaken the middle class and has a long track record of shipping jobs out of the country as a businessman. He is no friend to working Americans.”

Here is Hoffa’s statement about the next occupant of the White House:

“On behalf of the 1.4 million Teamsters, I want to congratulate president-elect Trump on his victory. Americans have voted, and we respect their choice at the ballot box. The Teamsters will work with President-elect Trump on numerous issues essential to the nation’s workers in an effort to improve the lives of millions who continue to struggle to make ends meet.


“For more than a year, the Teamsters have been pushing a platform that prioritizes building, maintaining and repairing the nation’s faltering infrastructure – a stated priority of President-elect Trump. U.S. roads, rails, energy plants and water systems have been ignored for far too long. This country needs a plan to invest more, and we will work with the Trump Administration to craft a solution.

“Additionally, the President-elect has made promises to the American people on trade and manufacturing that are important to our members. We are ready to work with him to find common ground that will benefit working families. Finally, the Teamsters understand that workers who invest in their retirement through pensions, other savings and Social Security deserve to be able to rely on their nest eggs in their golden years. Again, we are ready to work with him to formulate a plan that allows seniors to live with dignity.”


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