Trevor Noah: Obama Deserves Oscar For Performance During Donald Trump Meet-And-Greet

Comedy Central

The Daily Show was among the late-night shows to include video of Wednesday’s first ever meeting between President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama, at the White House. But its version was the only one to include video thought bubbles.

“That is one hell of a performance, especially by President Obama,” host Trevor Noah says, “which means at least one black person should get nominated for an Oscar this year.”

Kicking off  the show, Noah had applauded those participating, for a second night, in largely peaceful protests in “blue” cities. But he cautioned those who have burned Trump in effigy at those gatherings to knock it off, warning that they run the danger of becoming the hate they are protesting. “Think of protests like sex,” he advised. “You can be loud, and wild, and do it all night. But when something starts to burn, you should probably stop.”


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