Jimmy Kimmel Walks Through Donald Trump Election Five Stages Of Grief


Jimmy Kimmel joined the job of late-night show hosts who tackled Donald Trump’s election the next day, with varying degrees of finesse.

Kimmel decided to walk viewers through the White House race’s Five Stages of Grief, noting that in California, where his show is based, a lot of voters are extremely upset. “There is a lot of sorrow in the air today,” he observed, which was maybe an understatement.

First: Grief. “No, the host of Celebrity Apprentice is NOT our president. He can’t possibly be! CNN must have the map wrong. Wolf Blitzer, please tell us you missed a county!”

Anger: “Who do I blame, Bernie supporters, the FBI,…Jill Stein,” plus, how it isĀ  possible that half the country was too busy to vote, but not too busy to play Pokemon Go?

Bargaining. “Maybe this needed to happen, to wake everyone up.”

(Note: journalists appear to be at that stage this morning).

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