Media Celebrates Election Results In Samantha Bee’s Beautiful Faraway Dream


Samantha Bee and her Full Frontal team win the prize for Best Post-Election Late-Night Wrap Up with this video.

It includes not only her Daily Show alums Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Larry Wilmore, as well as election-tweeting comic Patton Oswalt, but also a lot of TV news talking heads.

Prominently featured is CNN contributor Van Jones, who got nearly as big a studio audience reax as did Stewart when Bee played the video. That’s probably because, while Stewart bowed out as host of The Daily Show when America needed him most, Jones did this on election night:

…and this the next day on CNN:

Also making a cameo in Bee’s video, CNN contributor Ana Navarro, who made headlines the night the Washington Post released our next president’s Grab Them By The P*ssy video, which Trump made, unwittingly, back in his Apprentice days, while hot-mic-ed on an Access Hollywood bus:

Bee’s video also includes high-fives with Fox News’ Shep Smith and shots with Greg Gutfeld, as well as a piggyback ride on Yahoo’s Katie Couric.

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