Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Win Like His Hair, “I Know It’s Real But I Can’t Accept It”

Comedy Central

UPDATE with video: No matter how many times Trevor Noah heard “President-Elect Trump” today, “it still doesn’t seem real,” he said the evening after Trump was declared the next POTUS.

“It’s like Trump’s hair. I know it’s real, but I can’t accept it,” The Daily Show host said. Though Noah and his “correspondents” had some sympathy for those who’d voted Trump because they felt ignored by Washington and want their jobs back,  it’s unclear how you get there by electing “a man who collects bankruptcies the way Michael Jordan collects rings.”

And Noah, being a relative newcomer to the country, seemed perplexed by our system of electing presidents, saying, “You don’t need the most votes, you just need the Electoral College. Once again, Trump benefits from a bullshit college.”

Noah started a calendar, to keep track of how many days Trump can go without “an incident”: 1 and counting!

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