Donald Trump Has “Credible Path” To Win, Says CNN, NY Times & More


Hollywood’s worst nightmare of a President Donald Trump is suddenly a real possibility, according to CNN, the New York Times and others. “We are seeing a credible path for Donald Trump to the White House,” said Jake Tapper at around 6:40 PM PT as media critics felt the chill of Hell freezing over. At nearly the same time, the NYT’s Live Presidential Forecast announced that “our best guess right now is that Donald Trump is on track to win.” MSNBC is also saying the race is now truly up for grabs.

Currently, CNN has the ex-Apprentice host ahead 139-104 over Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College as it is neck and neck in key states like Florida and Ohio.

“Donald Trump is doing remarkably well,” the never-prone-to-understatement Wolf Blizer pronounced at 6:47 PM PT. It’s an unpredictable race,” Tapper added with news of a sudden fall in the markets, with the Dow Futures down almost 500 points.

Standing next to his magic board, John King is predicting with all the states in play right now, Virginia could be the tipping point. Over on Fox News Channel, Megyn Kelly and the boys are predicting a win in the Old Dominion — strap in America.

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