Donald Trump Takes First Two States After Filing Day’s First Legal Battle And Eying Wife’s Ballot


Donald Trump’s Twitter-in-chief Dan Scavino just blasted out word that news operations called Kentucky and Indiana, states in which may polls closed at 6 PM, for the reality TV star-turned-GOP candidate.

A couple hours before the first polls closed, Trump tweeted, inaccurately, that CNN was reporting polling problems nationwide:

CNN’s Jake Tapper corrected that it was across a county. โ€œThe difference of an R, but kind of an important one,โ€ Tapper said.

Earlier in the day, a Nevada court judge smacked down a Trump campaign effort to challenge four early voting sites in the Las Vegas area where Latino voters had showed up in record numbers. Trumpโ€™s camp complained officials kept polling locations open two hours beyond designated closing times. A county rep insisted no early voting stations extended their closing times, but did process voters who were in line at closing time as law required.

But you knew Trump was going to start making headlines early this morning and he did not disappoint, setting Twitter afire when he kept an eye on wife Melania as she voted this morning.

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